LECARE’s Electronic Legal Matter Management Solution

Innovative Software for your legal or compliance departments

Lawyers are the legal managers in a company and compliance officers ensure relevant regulations are adhered to. LECARE is here to support operations in legal, compliance and other expert departments. Our software solution is based on 30 years of collaboration with the most varied of clients.

Mobile, modern, secure and straightforward

Our software allows you to retrieve and work with your data just through your internet browser. The underlying data communication required can of course be encrypted (e.g. SSL, TLS). Without installing any extra software, LECARE also gives you the option to work with mobile devices (such as smartphones, iPads or other tablets) anytime, anywhere. And of course our software runs on your desktop PC or notebook. Your organisation’s size and the number of branches it has are unimportant.

LECARE integrates seamlessly into office and e-mail applications.

The software is available in English, German, Portuguese, French and Spanish – and other languages are also possible.

A multi-purpose solution. Our software focuses on various functional areas:

Electronical Files for your Legal Matter Management: Manage matters/cases/files, contracts, and brands/IP, etc.

LECARE is a file-based system. The basic module of LECARE software is our electronical file. Initially an electronic file looks like a paper one, but it’s much better organised, more practical and convenient to use. Electronic legal matter management lets you find the documents you’re looking for quickly. One click takes you to the appropriate section (e.g. master data, deadlines, parties involved, documents, venue). In addition, we offer specific types of electronic matters fitting the needs of contract management, brand and copyright management, and compliance management.
The basic features of all of types of electronic matters are:
  • Usabable for all kinds of relevant cases, queries, counselling, legal proceedings, projects, contracts, inspection procedures, internal inspections, processes etc.
  • Organisation of parties (legal entities and natural persons) including address management
  • Relationship management with graphics showing relationships between parties
  • Management of deadlines, appointments and hold-files
  • Illustration of the progress of proceedings (e.g. appeals, courts of 1st to 3rd instance, insolvency etc.)
  • Risk assessment and other relevant information for the analysis of provision
  • An integrated Document management system with various sort and search functions for retrieval of any document
  • Template system for correspondence, mail shots, briefs and sample contracts
  • Analyses (reports)/statistics

  • Furthermore, our software provides you with many customisable options for all kind of matters:
  • The templates supplied are customisable and the client’s own templates can also be integrated if desired
  • All selection boxes with default content can be changed to suit the needs of your organisation
  • A modular system is used to create client’s own index cards and fields
  • Customised themes can be applied to adapt the look of the software

  • Compliance Management

    Analysing compliance issues, creating, managing and distributing directives internally – cf. our solution’s Compliance Management.

    International Cooperation and Data Interchange

    Use our software to work with all your colleagues. Worldwide. Our Web-Info portal lets you give specific access to selected files and documents for other departments, parties to contracts, legal firms appointed or other external service providers.

    Document Features: Integrated DMS and Template System

    Save and manage documents, full-text searches, versioning of documents and automatic saving of previous versions are available, text templates, OCR functionality – cf. our Document Features.

    Times and expenses

    Tracks the client’s own or another party’s court costs and lawyers’ fees, payments and own times for in-house analysis – cf. our Costs Management modul.

    Checking accounts receivable and managing foreclosures

    Capturing court and legal costs, logging times – cf. our Account Management module.

    Perfect Integration

    Integration of e-mail accounts and the Microsoft Office suite – cf. our Integration and Interface tools.