Office Integrations

Interfaces and external modules.


The modular LECARE software can be easily expanded with practical interfaces and modules. Simplify your daily work and use e.g. interfaces to your e-mail programs. By linking the systems, your legal department works even more productively and efficiently. In order to offer your legal department even more useful functions, LECARE works together with numerous partners who are specialists in their respective fields. With a well thought-out integration, you work as usual in your LECARE and can still use the advanced functions of our partners.

We also offer an interface to BEA / EGVP / BEBPO.
The special electronic lawyer’s mailbox (beA)

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  • Emails


    Continue to use your trusted email programs and accounts and store email in your electronic files.

  • MS Office

    MS Office

    You will not have to do without MS Office in the future.
    LECARE offers numerous functions for the integration of MS Office including Word and Outlook.

  • Other interfaces

    Other Integrations

    Whether beA integration, compliance tools, telephone interface or…
    we offer further interfaces!

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