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Our customers

LECARE has been serving satisfied customers from a wide range of industries for over 35 years.

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Service providers and associations

Seamless communication plays a central role for the service industry. Associations can also interact more effectively and comfortably thanks to LECARE.

“As the legal department of the most successful service company along the German highway, we have clearly defined our high standards in the areas of contract and case file management and have been able to implement them with the LECARE software. Our individual requirement to provide other departments with access to the legal department’s contract management was easily realized by LECARE’s web client.”

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Manufacturer and trade

Convertibility and flexibility are particularly important to our customers in manufacturing and trade. LECARE adapts to individual needs and grows with its customers.

  • “For us, fast and uncomplicated access to current as well as older, filed contracts (…) is essential. LECARE promised us exactly that and kept its word. LECARE actually provides exactly what an “in-house” corporate law firm needs.”

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  • “We have also succeeded in optimising processes in the legal department with LECARE. All legally relevant processes can be processed very efficiently, faster, more securely and paperlessly across all locations. The search functions replace long leafing through paper files and employees at all locations have the opportunity to view relevant processes without losing time.”

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  • “We chose LECARE in connection with the reorganization of paper and file storage in our legal department because.

    • with LECARE we can also map the new paper filing system in the file repository
    • LECARE provides us with the basis for structured and standardized process management
    • LECARE provides a clear user interface that is also convenient to use.”

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Public, Health and Research

In order to develop solutions and break new ground, precision and order are required first and foremost. With LECARE, our customers always maintain an overview, even in complex situations.

  • “After an intensive examination of various providers, we decided on the LECARE software. After almost 5 years of use, we have not regretted our decision. Despite its extensive functionality, LECARE offers a simple and intuitive user interface. The fast and always helpful support, which also responds to individual customer requests, has also contributed greatly to the acceptance of the software by all employees.”

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  • “We have not regretted the decision to introduce LECARE in the central legal department of the city of Wuppertal. The system is clear and (…) easy to use. At the same time it is powerful and flexible. What’s good is the ability to define your own fields to accommodate special needs.”

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Insurance and finance

When it comes to finance, it’s always about trust and security. LECARE enables secure data handling and individual access rights for responsible service.

“As a legal department, we face the unique challenge of operating in multiple locations. On the one hand, LECARE offers us the possibility to process our files professionally and across locations and to be able to provide our customers with information at any time. Through the search function, every employee can thus find comparable facts and use them for their own work and further development.”

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Listen to our LECARE podcast now and learn how Germany’s largest airline digitized its legal department with LECARE.

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Chemicals, utilities and energy

In a forward-looking sector such as industry, it is important to apply core competencies in a targeted manner. This requires digital solutions that simplify processes instead of complicating them.

“A major reason that we chose LECARE was that it linked very well with our standard Microsoft Outlook, Explorer and Office applications.”

Media and communication

Those who interact smoothly internally can also practice flawless communication externally. LECARE enables joint work without misunderstandings and information asymmetry.

“Efficient working is particularly important in small legal departments. Thanks to LECARE, we have been able to simplify general access to documents and therefore have more time for project work.”

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