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Electronic Legal Communication

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Electronic legal Communication

With the aim of enabling legally binding communication to the judiciary, several mailboxes are available in Germany for electronic legal transactions.

Which mailbox can be used depends on the user groups for which it is intended. LECARE offers interfaces for lawyers as well as, for example, in-house lawyers, public authorities, corporations and institutions under public law (bePBo Connect) and for other organizations (eBO Connect).

  • beBPo

    beBPo Connect

    From 1.1.2022, among other things, applications and preparatory documents from authorities and legal entities under public law must be transmitted as electronic documents. With the LECARE beBPo Connect add-on module, you can generate messages directly from the LECARE main application.

    You have the option of using this in conjunction with the server solution of a third-party provider or with our interface to the client of the provider Governikus. Save the received messages in the file and overview all information in one place.

  • eBO

    eBO Connect

    The Citizen and Organizations Mailbox (eBO) was created to enable the exchange of documents between the judiciary and private law organizations and citizens in a reliable and secure manner. With the add-on module LECARE eBO Connect, you can generate messages directly from the main LECARE application.

    You can use a third-party server solution as well as our interface to the third-party software Governikus. Save the received messages to the file and overview all information in one place.

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