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Electronic Legal Communication

beA, EGVP and beBPo interface

beA interface

The special electronic lawyer’s mailbox – beA for short – will enable lawyers (including in-house lawyers), among other things, to send pleadings and other documents to courts and other lawyers as part of electronic legal transactions and to receive communications from courts and other lawyers.

In the future, the beA is to form the basis for simple and secure communication between lawyers and courts and between lawyers themselves.

  • The LECARE-beA client

    The LECARE-beA client

    LECARE has its own beA client that displays all beA messages (inbox and outbox). The LECARE beA client has the option of saving all messages directly to a file. New messages can also be created and saved directly to a file.

  • beBPo- and eBO interface

    beBPo- and eBO interface

    LECARE provides an interface to the Governikus client in the “beBPo SAFE Justice Edition” or for the “eBO Edition”. The user can create new messages directly from the file, whereby the message is automatically transferred to the Governikus client. Thanks to the simple drag-and-drop functionality, messages can be dragged and dropped from the Governikus client directly into the file. In this way, every user can comfortably create new messages from LECARE and save incoming messages directly to the file.

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