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The podcast on digital transformation, legal tech & entrepreneurship!

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The podcast on digital transformation, legal tech & entrepreneurship!

Welcome to the LECARE Podcast – hosted by Zoë Andreae!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of digital transformation, hear exciting stories from legal professionals and entrepreneurs, and discover how legal tech is revolutionizing the legal industry.

LECARE Podcast Folge 4

Episode #17
LECARE Podcast with Thomas Wiegmann from Advoservice

In the new LECARE podcast episode, Zoe Andreae welcomes Thomas Wiegmann from Advoservice.

Today, data are true treasures whose quality is becoming increasingly important. Our partner Advoservice has already successfully completed over 20,000 data migrations in recent years.

Thomas Wiegmann now shares valuable insights from this extensive experience, e.g. how data migration can be optimized and what poems have to do with it.

What else does Advoservice have to offer?

We also shed light on the development of the law firm market, in particular how the introduction of artificial intelligence and generative models has taken the industry to a new level

Have expectations of AI been too high so far? And if so, how can we still use them effectively for ourselves? on our Instagram!


Episode #16
LECARE Podcast with
This is Legal Design

2x law plus 2x business studies equals 4x expert power. This time, Alisha Andert, Lina Keßler and Marius Eßer from This Is Legal Design are guests on the LECARE podcast. Together with Zoë Andreae, they talk about the role of legal design in the legal operations process – what does an innovative process and sustainable innovation look like?

You will also share your experiences using exciting case studies:

Find out how signature guidelines can be effectively streamlined or be inspired by the redesign of the contract process with influencers at HUGO BOSS.

But that’s not all! Tips & tricks, change processes and a look into the future of digital legal departments are not to be missed in this episode. Find out more on Instagram!


Episode #15
LECARE Podcast with Bernhard Waltl

A computer scientist at a law faculty? This is precisely the path that Bernhard Waltl has chosen. He studied computer science, obtained his doctorate at the LMU Munich and was also involved in the Law School at Stanford University. In the latest episode of the LECARE podcast, Zoë Andreae and Bernhard Waltl shed light on what he learned there and what interdisciplinary work means to him.

In this episode, they discuss not only the exciting connection between technology and legal challenges, but also topics around Generative AI, Legal Operations and Waltl’s role at the BMW Group. In addition, the importance of empathy and effective communication in the context of “Human Centered Leadership” will be discussed and how coaching can contribute to the optimization of working methods.
Find out more about the intersection of technology, law and leadership. Find out more on Instagram!

Bernhard Waltl 2

Episode #14
LECARE Podcast with
Ms. Rahm & Mr. Radtke from the City of Wuppertal

How does digitalization work in public administrations like the city of Wuppertal? Our Managing Director Zoë Andreae asks this question together with Ms. Rahm and Mr. Radtke in the new LECARE podcast episode.

Ms. Rahm, who has been involved in the city of Wuppertal since the implementation of LECARE in 2008, and Mr. Radtke, who contributes his legal expertise, offer deep insights into the city’s digital transformation process and specifically highlight the role of LECARE.

This episode traces the journey from the original software requirements to the current situation and looks at the use of specialized software for legal departments within a government agency. The opportunities presented by digital solutions with regard to urban change and challenges such as staff shortages will be highlighted. A future-oriented outlook focuses on the new digital skyline of Wuppertal and the potential role of artificial intelligence.

Join us on the road to a digital city! Find out more on Instagram!

Wuppertal final

Episode #13
LECARE Podcast with Acelya Ovalioglu & Janna Heuser

In our third and for now last special episode of the LECARE podcast, Acelya Ovalioglu and Janna Heuser, experts from our marketing team, provide in-depth insights into the benefits of ChatGPT from a marketing perspective. They talk about the creative possibilities that arise through the use of AI and how this has enabled us to take our marketing to the next level.

You will also learn how ChatGPT looks at many of our ideas from the outside with a fresh perspective and get to know some of our use cases and marketing activities. In addition, Acelya & Janna give tips & tricks on how to awaken and exploit dormant potential through ChatGPT.

At LECARE, we remain excited about the future and further development of ChatGPT, particularly in the legal tech sector. We are enthusiastic about how AI can support our company in a wide variety of areas and are always happy to share the latest developments and experiences.

Have fun listening! Find out more on Instagram!

LECARE Podcast Staffel 2 Folge 13 mit Marketing

Episode #12
LECARE Podcast with Björn Breski

In our second special episode of the LECARE Podcast, our Customer Success Manager Björn Breski provides exciting insights into the use of ChatGPT in LECARE’s customer support.

With our focus on protecting confidential data, our support team was initially reluctant to use ChatGPT. Find out how it worked to use ChatGPT with maximum security in support and to what extent a little squeaker helps.

It is also about #time savings and perspectives to facilitate administrative work through ChatGPT. Have fun listening! on our Instagram!

LECARE Staffel 2 Folge 11

Episode #11
LECARE Podcast with Christian Bollmeyer

To kick off the new year, we’re excited to announce a special podcast edition – three exclusive special episodes that provide a unique behind-the-scenes look at LECARE and our use of ChatGPT.

In the first of these three special episodes, our Senior Software Engineer, Christian Bollmeyer, explains the integration of ChatGPT into the development of LECARE using a case study. He not only shares his personal impressions of the beginnings of ChatGPT, but also provides insights into the fascinating aspects that particularly impressed him. Together with our Managing Director, Zoe Andreae, he takes a look into the future and explains the potential of this innovative technology.

Find out how ChatGPT enriches our development processes, what opportunities it opens up and what challenges we have overcome. Have fun listening! on our Instagram!

LECARE Staffel 2 Folge 11 mit Christian von LECARE.

Episode #10
LECARE Podcast with Astrid Kohlmeier

Zoë Andreae and Astrid Kohlmeier move somewhere between business administration, law and design in the latest LECARE podcast episode. Astrid Kohlmeier is a pioneer in the field of legal design. Her wealth of experience has now even resulted in an internationally successful book, together with Meera Klemola: The Legal Design Book.

In the following, the focus is on the areas of application of legal design, the examination of the status quo and the implementation of innovations in law. It also makes clear why the best ideas are those that include multiple perspectives, what creativity means in a legal context and how “change” can really be implemented. Find out more on Instagram!

LECARE Podcast Staffel 2 Folge 10 mit Astrid Kohlmeier

Episode #9
LECARE Podcast with Daniella Domokos

After completing their first state examination in law, many students are faced with the crucial question: Which path should I take? Do I want to take the traditional route as a lawyer or judge, or are there other options?
Zoë Andreae and Daniella Domokos addressed this question at the German Legal Tech Summit in Hanover.

Daniella Domokos herself has embarked on a new career path as a legal engineer. She had to work out her roles herself right from the start. She talks about her experiences and what it takes to gain a foothold in legal tech in the latest LECARE podcast episode.
on our

LECARE Podcast Staffel 2 Folge 9 mit Daniella Domokos

Episode #8
LECARE Podcast with Harro von Have

Behind the scenes of the movie with Harro von Have
Immerse yourself with us in the fascinating world of media law! In the latest episode of the LECARE Podcast, Zoë Andreae talks to Harro von Have, one of Germany’s leading media lawyers in the entertainment business.

The episode not only gives us exciting insights into the magical world of the renowned media law firm Von Have Fey and how it was involved in the 4 Oscars for “Nothing New in the West”, but you can also find out what other groundbreaking film projects Von Have Fey is involved in and what shared experiences Harro von Have had with our LECARE founder Volker Andreae. More about this on Instagram!

LECARE Podcast with Harro von Have

Episode #7
LECARE Podcast with BüşraDelikara
& Lena O’Brien

In this episode, join us in throwing old ways of thinking overboard and taking a look at the diversity of the legal tech professions. Büşra Delikara (Lawyer & Legal Engineer) and Lena O’Brien (Legal Operations Manager) exemplify this. They have chosen career paths outside the traditional legal career.

In the latest episode of the LECARE podcast, you can find out what the requirements are, how students can prepare for the new digital legal sector and what nutrition plans have to do with prompt engineers. Find out more on Instagram!

Büşra Delikara &
Lena O'Brien

Episode #6
LECARE Podcast with Markus Hartung

A new episode with probably the best-known legal tech expert in Germany!
Markus Hartung has been working in the legal tech sector for over 20 years. The Chevalier law firm is one of the many stations in his career to date. In the latest episode of the LECARE podcast, you can hear how they make the best possible use of their in-house expertise and what Markus Hartung and Zoë Andreae have to say about the future and opportunities of the legal market.

It also provides exciting insights into the beginnings of LECARE. It looks at the activities of our founder Volker Andreae and how they foresaw the things we take for granted today. Have fun listening! More on our Instagram!

LECARE Podcast mit Markus Hartung

Episode #5
LECARE Podcast with Zech Group SE

In the new episode of the LECARE Podcast, our CEO Zoë Andreae talks to our clients Ms. Esther Schönewald (in-house lawyer) and Mr. Tobias Lüning (in-house counsel) of Zech Group. The business units Building, Real Estate and Hotel have been developing steadily for over 100 years. Founded in 1909, the Zech Group has grown to over 11000 employees. Legal issues have become equally complex, especially in the digital age.

Find out how a large family-owned business moved its in-house legal department from paper files to digital files, how colors can help, and which Legal Super Powers are strengthened as a result in our new podcast episode! More on our Instagram!

LECARE Podcast Staffel 2 mit der Zech Group SE.

Episode #4
LECARE Podcast with Michael Friedmann

We are back! As we kick off the new season of the LECARE Podcast, we bring you exciting new insights into the world of Digital Transformation, Legal Tech and Entrepreneurship. Fittingly, our CEO Zoë Andreae, visited AI expert and legal tech pioneer Michael Friedmann in Hanover. Michael Friedmann is the founder of 123recht.de, frag-einen-anwalt.de, primelegal AI, and QNC.

A whole lot to talk about in one episode. Find out what legal tech platforms are all about, how Michael Friedmann revolutionized the legal market and what is already possible today through artificial intelligence and large language models and how this will completely change the work of legal professionals. And of course, what that means for our LECARE solutions, stay tuned! More on Instagram!

MF Final
DIKE Digitales Oekosystem Recht

Episode #3
DIKE: Digital Ecosystem Law

In this episode, we talk with Mr. Kai Jacob and Dr. Bernhard Waltl of the Liquid Legal Institute about one of the Liquid Legal Institute’s biggest hearts: the Common Legal Platform (CLP). What could such a platform look like? And what role does Gaia-X play in this? We clarify these and more questions in our podcast episode with Kai and Bernhard!

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Episode #2
Lawyer Wellbeing and Corporate Health

In the second episode of our LECARE podcast, our CEO Zoë Andreae discusses with Kai Jacobs (Partner @ KPMG Law) and Dierk Schindler (VP & Head of Corporate Legal Services, Mobility Solutions, Supply Chain & Logistics at Bosch), both co-CEOs of Liquid Legal Institute e.V. (LLI), about the health challenges facing the legal industry, a Study on Lawyer Wellbeing, which Kai and Dierk launched at LLI, and the Special Legal Award of the Corporate Health Awards, which honors special commitment to corporate health in the legal industry.

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Portrait Kai Jacobs

Kai Jacobs
Liquid Legal Institute e.V.

Partner at KPMG Law

Portrait Dierk Schindler

Dr. Dierk Schindler
Liquid Legal Institute e.V.

VP & Head of Corporate Legal Service, Mobility Solutions, Supply Chain & Logistics at Bosch

Portrait Zoe Andreae

Zoë Andreae
Member of the Supervisory Board
Liquid Legal Institute e.V.


Podcast Cover CH LW
LECARE Podcast Lufthansa

Episode #1
Lufthansa Success Story

In the first episode of the LECARE Podcast, we have the great pleasure to talk to our clients Ms. Carina Feigenspan and Mr. Andreas Lein from Lufthansa about the journey of digitization of Lufthansa’s legal departments.

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