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Receivables Management

The central management of all your receivables.

LECARE Receivables Management

With LECARE’s receivables management and electronic file, you have a complete overview of your main, ancillary, cost and interest receivables, correspondence, incoming payments and receivables history.

  • Recording of all costs and receivables

    Recording of all costs and receivables

    Simple and central management of all main, ancillary, cost and interest receivables as well as payments and their automatic settlement

  • Clear documentation

    Clear documentation

    Complete documentation of correspondence, documents etc. via our electronic file management system.

  • Convenient foder positions

    Convenient foder positions

    The convenient creation of receivables statements.

  • Entitlement catalogue

    Entitlement catalogue

    Deposited entitlement catalog with applicable payment clearing rules.

  • Detailed information and technical details

    Detailed information and technical details

    • Daily updated list of receivables with presentation of interest on arrears also in the future
    • Offsetting of the payment according to § 367 BGB or on certain claims
    • Print receivables list or edit further in Word
    • Support of bank or calendar day calculation
    • Interest according to scale, fixed interest or without interest (base interest rate is deposited)
    • Completely stored entitlement catalogue and applicable payment clearing rules
    • Consideration of the parties’ entitlement to deduct input tax

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