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Contract Management

Full overview at all times.

LECARE contract management

With the contract management you can enter all contract data, terms and periods of notice. With just a few clicks, you have a full overview of your contracts at any time and from anywhere.

The integrated notification system keeps you informed about expiration, renewal and cancellation dates. In addition, the contract management has its own document repository, a participation structure and various input fields related to contract entry.

You can define your own standard contracts or the structure of a contract for contract creation. Thanks to the versioning function and the storage of contract-relevant correspondence, a complete contract history is created.


Management of contract data

(+) Define your own company-relevant contract types
(+) Indication of agreements, instructions and provisions relating to the contract
(+) Recording of financial information and costs/payments

Integrated notification system

(+) Notification of contract expiry, renewal or termination
(+) Automatic calculation of the termination date
(+) Indication of the current status of the contract

Contract creation

(+) Calling up contract templates
(+) Transfer of contract data from the file
(+) Protecting documents and final contracts

Versioning, DMS

(+) Automatic versioning and previous storage of drafts
(+) Document management system for mapping the contract history
(+) Storage of correspondence such as e-mail and documents

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