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Clause Manager

Process all contract clauses in one central location.

Clause Manager

All your contract clauses are centrally drafted and stored in one tool with LECARE’s Clause Manager.
There they can be maintained and managed at any time as well as across the board.
Changes to clauses no longer have to be made individually in all documents or templates, but can be rolled out across departments or companies with just a few clicks.
An integrated logging system stores all clause versions. This prevents changes from being lost.
The Clause Manager is, next to the electronic file as a basic module, the optimal solution for your department!

  • Central storage of clauses

    Central storage of clauses

    The clause manager allows you to create, maintain and manage all contract clauses in one central location in a clear and transparent way. You can conveniently document any changes. Decide for yourself whether all users should see the created clauses or only you. The number of clauses that can be deposited is unlimited.

  • Convenient versioning

    Convenient versioning

    All versions of a clause are stored as history. This way you can always revert to an older version if necessary. No changes are lost. In addition, a record shall be kept of each amendment to a clause. You can always track who, when and for what reason a clause has been changed.

  • Perfect organization

    Perfect organization

    The clauses can be structured according to contract areas and contract territories. This ensures that they can be found reliably. With additional information, such as case law or further references, you can supplement the clauses and organize them perfectly. Divide the clauses into different categories and thus create an internal structure to always keep the full overview. You can use the search function to search for various terms in the clauses.

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