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Cost Management

Central management of all receivables.

LECARE Cost Management

The cost entry function allows you to record costs incurred, such as court costs or lawyer’s fees, and to assign a status to them. Costs can be linked directly to a participant in a file.In addition, payments that have been received or made can be entered in a cost sheet. These costs or payments, which do not go through LECARE Receivables Management, can ultimately show which internal costs have been incurred for specific cases.

  • Recording of all costs and times

    Recording of all costs and times

    In addition to your own costs, you can also record third-party legal fees in your electronic files. With a clear status indication such as “checked”, “paid” and “released” you always keep the overview. An unlimited number of cost entries is possible per file. You can also link the costs directly to a participant in the record or to a process instance.

  • Comprehensive evaluations (reports) for precise analyses

    Comprehensive evaluations (reports) for precise analyses

    All costs and times can be evaluated and reported accordingly. All reports can be printed directly or exported to Excel, for example. The evaluations can always be carried out across all files and participants (e.g. lawyer/law firm).g.

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