LECARE’s Text-Template feature

Stored customised text templates to deal with hurried tasks

The text templates are a useful tool when it comes to deal with hurried tasks. Our text-template feature has all the functionalities needed to easily execute the procedures at a fast pace. Select specific fields and data through a useful menu via a systematic structure, create and edit text templates for legal matters and contracts and store them templates for future using in a safe central storage folder.

Benefits provided by LECARE’s text-template feature

Central storage for all templates, organise and set access to other users

Organise the templates and define which users can have access to them. What is the biggest advantage of having all your matter’s templates in only one platform? The fast, easy and safe access! A true optimization of your precious time, the considerable increase in your productivity.

Convenient filling of fields

Information present in matters are automatically included in the template previously selected (for example, address, matter ID, responsible person).

Find that specific template in a few seconds

Do you want to end the long time it takes to find a specific matter’s template? The Web-Client is the ideal partner! Access all your files, templates and documents in seconds, quickly find what you are looking for through our search filters.

Available from anywhere – anytime

Have you ever needed to consult a matter’s template and to create an agreement outside the office? The Web-Client is a partner present 24h! Access all your files, templates and documents on a single platform, quickly, easily and safely … anywhere, anytime!

Integrated into the LECARE matter management

We know how complex and demanding is the work of a legal professional, so we want to help you make it a bit lighter. In the Web-Client you have access to all the working tools you need.