LECARE’s Contract Matter Management solution

Create, edit and manage all your company’s contracts.

How many contracts do you manage daily? How demanding it is to deal with all the procedures of a contract? With LECARE’s Contract Matter Management solution you can capture contracts data, such as contract terms and periods of notice; set deadlines and reminders of expiry, extension or cancellation date. With Contract matter management you also have your own document storage system, a structure showing the parties involved and various input fields for capturing contracts. Make your contract management an easier and more intuitive procedure and increase the productivity of your team!

Benefits provided by LECARE’s Contract Matter Management

Management of all kind of contracts

We are happy to say that the Web-Client is a complete software. We believe we are the ideal partner for legal professionals. With it you can manage all kinds of contracts: from expiration notifications, renewal or revocation of the contract; special deals, special instructions and provisions for the contract; grouping agreements, among many others.

Much better than out-of-date paper file

We know how many versions and changes a contract can have, how many years can come to pass without a final term. With the Web-Client you have access to all versions and changes made from the first to the last year of the contract. A fast, easy and secure access.

Organise related parties, relationships and deadlines

It never has been so easy to organise and distribute tasks to your colleagues and departments, control and set deadlines, appointments and reminders. With the Web-Client, it is impossible to miss an appointment or to have miscommunication between departments.

All your legal documents and contracts in only one platform

What is the biggest advantage of having all your legal matters, contracts and documents in only one platform? The fast, easy and safe access! A true optimization of your precious time, the considerable increase in your productivity.

Available from anywhere – anytime

Have you ever needed to consult a contract outside the office? The Web-Client is a partner present 24h! Access all your files and documents on a single platform, quickly, easily and safely … anywhere, anytime!

Integrated functions that facilitate the procedures

We know how complex and demanding is the work of a legal professional, so we want to help you make it a bit lighter. In the Web-Client you have access to all the working tools you need. From automatic calculation of the termination of the contract and resignation deadlines; common or detailed analysis of contract information; lists and reviews can be exportable to Excel or as PDF or CSV file; automatic notifications by email (for example, notice of termination of the contract to all parties).

Find that specific contract in a few seconds

Do you want to end the long time it takes to find a specific contract? The Web-Client is the ideal partner! Access all your files, contracts and documents in seconds, quickly find what you are looking for through our search filters.

High customizability

Contract templates, editable fields, settings. Your company will not need to adapt to the Web-Client, our software fits the needs of your company! Create and edit the fields and contract templates that you want and select colors, backgrounds and the platform tabs. All thanks to the modularity of our system!

Data security guaranteed with our futureproof technology

Since 1986 we try to offer the most effective and reliable data security, we are happy to ensure that we are keeping our promise. The LECARE software is developed based on the most advanced technology security, ensuring unmatched reliability. Our clients, some major German banks, are our greatest testimonies.