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LECARE Compliance Tool

The compliance tasks of a company include, above all, the support of internal investigations, proceedings before authorities and courts as well as the preparation of documents and templates.

With the compliance tool, all relevant processes can be mapped and documented. Compliance documents must be regularly and verifiably disclosed to colleagues or external partners. With the help of the tool, all recipients confirm that they have taken note of the respective documents.

You can use the LECARE Compliance Tool as a perfect supplement to LECARE File Management – or independently of it.


Creating policies, overview

(+) Create and manage compliance requirements (policies)
(+) Detailed statistics with export function (PDF)
(+) Convenient reminder function

policy distribution

(+) Browser-based solution, recipients do not need any separate software
(+) Creation of recipients via Microsoft Active Directory or CSV export
(+) Template system for e-mail notifications and reminders

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