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LECARE Exchange

Cooperation with external departments and partners.

LECARE Exchange

Do you often work with external contractors (e.g. law firms, tax advisors) or other departments? Would you like to provide specific files and documents to one or the other? Do you want to make documents available to third parties conveniently – and also receive new versions and additional documents from the third parties? With our LECARE Exchange module, you can release files and documents, make them securely available to third parties and also receive new documents. This way you improve and simplify communication without neglecting security.

  • Convenient release of documents

    Convenient release of documents

    With the LECARE Exchange module, you can release specific files and documents for other departments, contractual partners, commissioned law firms or other external parties. The activated users do not have to be LECARE users: a browser is sufficient! All released documents are always read-only and thus protected against unauthorized changes. The users you have activated can add further documents to the file – if they wish to do so. In this way, all information is immediately available to all activated benefits. All of them work via a uniform, browser-based platform.

  • Secure data exchange

    Secure data exchange

    Whether court correspondence or complex contract drafts – everything can be specifically activated. This saves you the unencrypted and therefore insecure sending of important documents by e-mail. You also save time. You do not have to fear that your files will be overwritten.

  • Full user control

    Full user control

    With an extensive user administration you always have full control over the activated users and their authorizations. You independently set up individual users for the other departments of your company or external contractors. You can block the accesses again just as quickly directly via LECARE.

  • The browser is enough

    The browser is enough

    Access for external users is set up quickly and conveniently. The receivers do not require any special software. Instead, a common browser is sufficient. Complex explanations and configurations are not required. Access link. Done.

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