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Approval Tool

Central creation and administration of internal guidelines, general terms and conditions or regulations.

LECARE Approval Tool

With LECARE’s policy distribution, you create a central platform for creating and managing company-internal instructions, regulations and policies, which can be transmitted to individually defined groups of recipients (employees, external sales partners, etc.).
An integrated logging system provides an overview of sent policies, read accesses and confirmations.
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  • Easy policy creation and management

    Easy policy creation and management

    With this module you can easily transfer documents from the LECARE file management or from external sources (e.g. local drives). Always keep track of all applicable internal regulations.

  • Convenient handling of receiver circuits

    Convenient handling of receiver circuits

    Define even complex groups of recipients (e.g. individual departments, business units, external partners) in a simple way and send the guidelines, instructions, work rules or other information to them in a targeted and convenient manner.

  • Reliable documentation and statistics

    Reliable documentation and statistics

    After sending out your regulations, keep a close eye on who has already read and accepted the guidelines. Save statistics information directly into the LECARE file management.

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