JUVE Awards 2017 Hackathon

Web-based Software for your Legal Department: mobile, reliable, future-proof.

Perfect technology for your team

Which are the rising challenges today’s legal departments have to face? The proactive corporate lawyer has to manage the law and ubiquitous risks; the creative and cost-conscious in-house lawyer has to develop entrepreneurial attitude; the precise general counsel has to advise the board with clear and reliable words. The growing demand to assess risks exactly and to make a substantial contribution to the own company’s success from legal departments is beyond doubt, but the try to fulfill these high expectations by the legal departments themselves becomes the performing of a tightrope act.

We know how precious time is in the legal world, so we have developed a modular software that fits your company’s needs!

The offices filled with stacked legal dossiers and slow access are no longer valid today. Today, professionals in the legal world intend to tools that allows them a quick, easy and secure access to all their files, matters, emails and documents. In Lecare, our focus is the client, so we developed software with the latest and most secure technology, software that is divided into modular solutions in order to adapt and build the ideal tool for different companies, from different sectors. Because having at your side the perfect working tool is a factor that makes all the difference, trust our 30 years of experience in the legal world and increase the productivity of your team today! Know some of our modular solutions below: