Web-Info Portal

Data, legal matters and documents secure interchange

Collaboration. Here’s a very complex topic in the management of a company and legal departments. Nowadays, companies fight for a better communication and collaboration between its departments and its external providers (e.g. attorneys).

Although there are some tools to help collaboration between legal departments and other departments of companies or external lawyers, they do not have such a secure platform, in which some weak points stands out. That’s why LECARE has created the Web-Info, a portal that was developed with the most security technology from its core, becoming the most reliable and easy to use solution to interchange data with your colleagues, departments or external lawyers or other providers.

The Web-Info portal lets you give specific access to selected files and documents. You can provide access to court correspondence or complex contract drafts separately if you want. This saves you from the time-consuming business of sending documents by e-mail which are probably not encrypted and therefore not secure. If required, new documents from recipients or external parties can be stored in your file. As a result, everyone works from a standardised platform but always directly in your file. At the same time you can control access and the data that third parties can see.

Benefits provided by LECARE’s Web-Info Portal

Collaboration and communication always aligned

It never has been so easy to organise and share matters and documents with colleagues of external departments, external lawyers or further service providers. Grant secure access via simple mouse click. With Web-Info, it is impossible to have miscommunication between departments, bringing the concept of collaboration at the highest level.

All your legal documents, matters and emails in only one platform

What is the biggest advantage of having all your legal matters and documents in only one platform? The fast, easy and safe access! A true optimization of your precious time, the considerable increase in your productivity. New documents provided by external partners will be uploaded into your electronical matter.

Recipients just need a browser

The recipients of your documents and matters only need a browser to access the content assigned to them previously or to upload new documents resp. versions. They do not need to install any special software.

Data security guaranteed with our futureproof technology

Since 1986 we try to offer the most effective and reliable data security, we are happy to ensure that we are keeping our promise. The LECARE software is developed based on the most advanced technology security, ensuring unmatched reliability and security. Our clients, some major German banks, are our greatest testimonies.