LECARE’s Costs Management solution

Monitor all your times and expenses.

The Costs Management solution allows you to take note of costs incurred, such as court costs or the client’s own/other lawyers’ costs (legal spend management) within the file and to add a status to it (billed, not billed, in bill/draft). Create and edit your own timesheets and track all the times and expenses of professionals of your company in an easier and reliable way. With this solution, it will be more intuitive to store and update all the expenses and timesheets of your company.

Benefits provided by LECARE’s Costs Management solution

Timesheet always up to date

We know how many versions and changes a timesheet can have, how many years can come to pass without a final term. With the Web-Client you have access to all versions and changes made from the first to the last year of the timesheet. A fast, easy and secure access.

Management of all kind of timesheets

We are happy to say that the Web-Client is a complete software. We believe we are the ideal partner for legal professionals. With it you can manage all kinds of timesheets: fees of internal or external staff to the company, transaction costs’ records, assign fees to legal matters and participants, check lawyers’ fees accounts, among many other procedures.

Organise related parties, relationships and deadlines

It never has been so easy to organise and distribute tasks to your colleagues and departments, control and set deadlines, appointments, hours, fees and reminders. With the Web-Client, it is impossible to miss an appointment or to have miscommunication between departments.

All your legal documents, matters and timesheets in only one platform

What is the biggest advantage of having all your legal matters, timesheets and documents in only one platform? The fast, easy and safe access! A true optimization of your precious time, the considerable increase in your productivity.

Available from anywhere – anytime

Have you ever needed to consult a timesheet outside the office? The Web-Client is a partner present 24h! Access all your files and documents on a single platform, quickly, easily and safely … anywhere, anytime!

Integrated functions that facilitate the procedures

We know how complex and demanding is the work of a legal professional, so we want to help you make it a bit lighter. In the Web-Client you have access to all the working tools you need. From unlimited number of cost entries and payments for each legal matter; perspective and analysis of all costs and payments with filters for individual evaluations; stopwatch timing for manual and automatic transfer to the legal matter and automated records of hours.