LECARE’s Electronic Legal Matter Management Solution

Modular Software for your legal or compliance departments

Lawyers are the legal managers in a company and compliance departments ensuring relevant regulations are adhered to. LECARE is here to support operations in legal, compliance and other expert departments. Our software solution is based on 30 years of collaboration with the most varied clients from different sectors.

Build an efficient tool for each department and each user of your company!

Mobile, modern, secure and straightforward

Your organisation’s size and the number of branches it has will not be an issue to our modular solutions, which adapts perfectly to your company’s needs, building the most efficient tool for each department and each user of the software. The innovation and technology allows extremely advanced benefits and functionalities. With LECARE’s software solutions you can retrieve and work with your data just through your internet browser. The underlying data communication required can be encrypted (e.g. SSL, TLS), whenever you want. Without installing any extra software, LECARE also gives you the option to work with mobile devices (such as smartphones, iPads or other tablets) anytime, anywhere. And of course our software runs on your desktop PC or notebook.

The software is available in English, German, Portuguese, French and Spanish – and other languages are also possible.