LECARE’s Document Management System feature

A central storage folder with specific access permits and rights

Central storage of important data and special access permits and rights are definitely two of the concerns that a legal department has to deal with on a daily basis. Our software solutions provides you with an integrated and modern document management system. It enables your company to store documents (e.g. emails, writs, agreements, judgements) conveniently at a central storage as part of specific electronic files – and to decide, who and/ or which departments shall have access and which rights (read, edit). Meta data (e.g. author, data post received) can be saved and used for sorting and searching. New documents can be generated using own templates and meta data (e.g. the name and address of related companies) of the electronic file.

Benefits provided by LECARE’s integrated DMS

Central storage for all kind of files and documents

From Word (DOC, DOCX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), Powerpoint (PPT, PPTX), and e-mails… on our platform you will have space for all of your files, documents and work tools that streamline your daily procedures.

Convenient filling of emails and Office files

Meet our text template function, which allows you to automatically fill in the empty fields in seconds.

Document’s history and versions

We know how many versions and changes a document can have, how many years can come to pass without a final term. With the Web-Client you have access to all versions and changes made from the first to the last year of the document. A fast, easy and secure access.

Available from anywhere – anytime

Have you ever needed to consult a document outside the office? The Web-Client is a partner present 24h! Access all your files and documents on a single platform, quickly, easily and safely … anywhere, anytime!

Perfect organisation

It never has been so easy to organise documents. With the Web-Client, it is impossible to miss an appointment or to have miscommunication between departments.

Powerful authorisation system

With the Document Management System, the administrator of the Web-Client platform will have absolute power in determining access and permissions to other users.

Find that specific document in a few seconds

Do you want to end the long time it takes to find a specific document? The Web-Client is the ideal partner! Access all your files and documents in seconds, quickly find what you are looking for through our search filters.

Integrated functions that facilitate the procedures

We know how complex and demanding is the work of a legal professional, so we want to help you make it a bit lighter. In the Web-Client you have access to all the working tools you need. From full text research of any document, with a viewing window, highlighting the results; creating links to other files; creating folders and subfolders for individual structuring documents.

Data security guaranteed with our futureproof technology

Since 1986 we try to offer the most effective and reliable data security, we are happy to ensure that we are keeping our promise. The LECARE software is developed based on the most advanced technology security, ensuring unmatched reliability. Our clients, some major German banks, are our greatest testimonies.