Communications, cooperation and mobile working

Controlled access options, any time, anywhere

The work of legal departments and lawyers is generally becoming more and more international. Working in home offices or while out and about is becoming increasingly popular. So why shouldn’t your software respond to these demands? Do you want colleagues abroad or external lawyers to have secure and transparent access to selected folders and files? This is no problem at all.

As an innovative company we’ve been harnessing state-of-the-art technology for some time. Our LECARE software comes as a web-based version. It allows browser-based access from any devices and doesn’t require any special software to be installed. It’s ideal for mobile working models, or for colleagues or departments in other corners of the world who need to access your data. Are your German colleagues already working with LECARE and you want to be part of the team? Then you can use our web client and work on the same files and documents as your colleagues in Germany. Enjoy convenient and secure teamwork without losing track.

We can also offer you an app for easy mobile access from smartphones and tablets.

We can also recommend our Web-Info portal for secure data exchange with external lawyers, your own clients or colleagues who are only to receive certain data files or directories to look at. You select the information you want to share and we’ll make it available in a safe, easy-to-use environment that’s also web-based too. As a result, recipients can access documents without any installation required and request new versions easily. Sending documents insecurely by e-mail is therefore passé. Furthermore, you can leave the chaos of untidy mountains of documents with unknown authors behind you.